Cole Clark LL2e-rdbl

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Cole Clark LL2E-RDBL

Hemelse klanken van deze Eco-vriendelijke, eigenzinnige, elektro-akoestische heerlijkheid uit Australië, dat waren de woorden boven het artikel.

Gitarist zegt: “Ontzettend goede, gebalanceerde gitaar die graag bespeeld wil worden.”


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Cole Clark LL2e-rdbl


Cole Clark LL2E-RDBL

Hemelse klanken van deze LL2E-RDBL Eco-vriendelijke, eigenzinnige, elektro-akoestische heerlijkheid uit Australië, dat omschrijft deze gitaar het beste. Het feest begint als deze Little Lady zingt.

De top van de LL2E-RDBL is gemaakt van Australisch Redwood, de zij- en achterkant van Australiane Blackwood.
Hals is van Queensland maple en voorzien van een Blackbean/Blackwood toets.

De Cole Clark Little Lady1 LL1E-RDM is voorzien van het gepatenteerde Cole Clark drieweg pickup systeem. met een piezo onder iedere snaar, een topdeck brace en een micorofoon.

LL2E-RDBL – Redwood Top with Australian Blackwood Back and Sides.

Product Specifications

  • All solid timber mini with internally carved top and back.
  • Cole Clark 2 way pickup system
  • Finish: Nitrocellulose (natural satin)
  • Neck: Queensland Maple
  • Top: Australian grown American Redwood
  • Back/Sides: Australian Blackwood
  • Inlaid timber rosette
  • Bridge/Fretboard: Blackbean/Blackwood
  • Inlays: Dot
  • Machine Heads: Grover
  • Nut/Saddle: Graph Tech Tusq
  • Elixir – Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze 13-56
  • Nut Width: 45mm
  • NOT for percussive playing


The Cole Clark pickup is not an afterthought installed at the end of the production line. We build our system into the guitar as it goes through production.
The concept behind our pickup is best explained by comparing it to an audio system. A P.A has sub woofers, speakers and horns, each designed to hear a range of frequencies they are best equipped to handle and crossover points for frequencies best heard by the next component. Cole Clark uses the same 3 component philosophy with a piezo system for the bottom end, a patented face sensor for the mid range and a microphone for the top end.

All Cole Clark pickups and preamps are proudly made in Melbourne Australia.

Analogue 3-way system.

Our most popular preamp, the analogue 3-way is the ‘Cole Clark sound’ heard the world over.

The Piezo system utilizes individual piezo elements suspended under the bridge saddle which we believe is the best and most dynamic type of piezo system available.

We know that the face/top is the most important component to the sound of an acoustic guitar, so it makes sense that we utilize that tone when amplifying the guitar. We do this with our unique face sensor which is specifically designed for the mid range. We use a patented blend control which blends in the amount of face sensor required to go with the piezo sound or to completely replace the piezo in the mid range. This goes a long way in removing the ‘piezo quack’, delivering a more natural tone. With a maximum crossover point of 350hz, the face sensor cannot hear any frequency in it’s feedback zone, instead leaving those frequencies to the under saddle piezo.

The third element is a condenser microphone for the top end. This microphine is set well above any feedback zone and is purely there to take the ‘ping’ out of the piezo if there is some piezo blended through at full range.

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